Evangelis Godson Materu

Evangelis Godson Materu

I recently received this communicay (below) from Evangelist Godson, sovaldi sale who serves in our Companion Congregation in Tanzania. Below he explains the certificate he is holding.

The man of God,
Greeting you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your email and news about your trip in Israel. Probably you saw a big changes compared to thirty years ago. How about your family, church and our friend like Turner family etc? I remembered you all dear.

We have new Pastor again named Felix Moiro after Pastor Gideon Kivuyo elected to be assistant Bishop.

But for all we thanks God for his grace. Dear Pastor, you asked about certificate I got! Yeah, when I was assistant of Pastor Mathias Mushi, I was also a board member of Tetra Schools. So after changes of Pastors now we have new board member. All board member are retired now after completed his service time. We received certificate as Parish appreciation for our services.

I will try to send to you some pictures of the Congregation staff and our new Bishop. Do you remember the man of boma who owned many wife? He died early in January 2015.

Please give all who known me.

In Christ Jesus
Godson Materu

PS – The man from the boma he is referring to was in his late 60’s and had 18 wives…53 children…and over 125 grandchildren. All who became Christians, with several churches on his property.


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