Pastor Bill Bohline

Pastor Bill Bohline


The final speaker at the LCMC Gathering was Pastor Bill Bohline. He is the Lead Pastor, viagra sale of Hossana! Lutheran Church which is his first and only call for 35 years as a church planter. His supervising/mentor pastor was Dr. Fred Marks. Dr. Marks was the pastor that baptized me, advice Pastor Mark 57 years ago. Being a mission congregation is what is part of our DNA as well, we have reminded ourselves over and over again “to be mission minded.”

Key thoughts

  1. A mission congregation
  2. “Don’t worry…”
  3. High commitment church
  4. We believe the Lord led you here

Picture Images

  • We are wearing an apron, not a bib. We are to be servants.
  • We are to avoid consumerism. How are we going to transform this community through Christ.
  • The world is going to hell in a hand basket. What does that mean? Are we feeding into that saying and fostering it?
  • The happy neighbors. (picture of the neighbors around us) Are your neighbors glad that you live there?

Word to Pastors

  • Pastors take care of yourselves. Manage your own expectations. Shoot for a ‘B’ and be thankful for an ‘A’ and realize that at times you will get a ‘C’
  • You are the anointed, appointed, authority. Be faithful to that.

“We are the people that we’ve been waiting for.”

“God is not always a God of answers, but He is a God of promises.”

In the midst of tragedies God cries the first tears.

And we can stand on His promises.

Now is the time to worship!

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