This morning an elderly second time visitor was going through the receiving line after service. He held up a Whitey’s gift card we sent him this past week. He said, viagra “Is this for me?” I said, “Absolutely. Enjoy.” Then he said, “I’ve never had a church give me anything before.”

While I was delighted that he was delighted; I too was sad. How sad it is that churches aren’t more known for their giving than receiving. Yes, I know that that is not totally accurate — because churches do give a lot and do a lot of good in the world. But it is a good reminder for us always to “put our best foot forward” when it comes to our guests. Some churches call that the “wow” factor. Jesus was an example of that. When people met him or were in his presence they were “wowed!” And since we are to be Christ-like may we too “wow” guests and each other from time to time. Faith LCMC is making a difference. May this continue so that we all can experience the “outrageous joy of Jesus.”

Pastor Mark



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