Good morning from Washington D.C., recipe

These words from Genesis 12:3, treat echo in my mind. I cannot get rid of them. However, it is not about me being blessed. It is about hearing and following the calling of God upon my heart, our hearts. It it about being drawn into the word of God and acting upon it. It is about confession; not only the sins of commission, but those of omission.

As Gentiles we are blessed to be included in God’s covenant. A covenant that God keeps. If He keeps it for us, will He not also keep it for Israel?

I will blessI heard an interesting phrase last night, ” Jews + Land + Himself” God is connected to His people and the land He gave them. In seminary I took a hard but powerful class, it was called “The Land” by Professor Schein. He too impressed upon us how important Jerusalem is to God.

With this in mind listen to 1 Kings 11:36, “Yet to his son I will give one tribe, that David my servant may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city where I have chosen to put my name.” ESV  If this place, meaning Israel is important to God, it must be important to us. As America was created, we asked God and still do, “God bless America.” Land, God, and faithful people go together. May we strive to be faithful.

Got to go.

Pastor Mark




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