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Haloo Pastor praise the Lord Jesus Christ. How is America today?

Glady Mbasha

Engarenarok Lutheran Parish in Arusha, <a href=

tadalafil Tanzazia” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Engarenarok Lutheran Parish in Arusha, Tanzazia

Engarenarok Lutheran Parish in Arusha, <a href=help Tanzazia” width=”171″ height=”128″ />

America is being divided. Our president is promoting Islam and having teach Islam in schools. Pray for America. I miss you. Think of you often.  Praying for you every Sunday.

Pastor Mark


Islamic religion is a big problem all over the world even in our country we face the same problem as many people are killed especial Christians and they use the umbrella of politics so we have to pray for this issue because may be is because God said Ismail will be our Toucheur. by the way we continue to renovate our church as we are nealy to finish it. thanks for your message. I miss u too.

Glady Mbasha

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