Faith Commander Series

and Vacation Bible School begins on June 14th!

Faith Commander

Faith Commander

HAPPY, remedy HAPPY, sales HAPPY

Get out your waders, ducks, and camo! I just love the hit television show Duck Dynasty and all the characters on the show. It is a modern day “Father Knows Best” show. On Sunday, June 14, we are going to launch a five week Faith Commander sermon series. It too is the theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School, which is entitled, Willie’s Redneck Rodeo. This is something fun and radical to invite your family and friends to. Who says church can’t be fun?

I am so excited! Faith Commander is faith based and light hearted written by folks from Duck Dynasty. One of the things that they are noted for is gathering together around the dinner table and praying together. Say, Jack, let’s put up a challenge for us, in the month of June and see how many days per week can you gather your family around the dinner table? And share in table talks. Join us and the Robertson family on an exciting ride through some of the Bible’s most-loved parables. We will learn how to build a legacy of faith and apply faith-based values to every aspect of your life. With their trademark humor and a whole bunch of adventure, the Robertson family will lead individuals, families, and the whole church through this five-session adventure.

The themes over the five weeks include:

June 14 – Redonkulous Faith

June 21 – Radical Forgiveness

June 28 – Ravenous Prayer

July 5 – Real Obedience

July 12 – Rowdy Kindness

Come and see some of the Duck Dynasty characters come to life! With Pastor Mark Gehrke portraying Uncle Si.

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