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Engarenarok Lutheran Parish in Arusha, Tanzazia

Engarenarok Lutheran Parish in Arusha, Tanzazia

Dear Pastor Mark,

Its long time since we communicate, but God is good because we are doing well. Sorry for long my brother.

I think you will remember that Pastor Mathias Mushi he decided to retire his job early January 2014 after his service to our Parish for almost fifteen years. So we had new Pastor from February 2014 up to now, and his name is Gideon Kivuyo.

Be fore coming to our Parish he was a Pastor in charge at Arusha Town Lutheran Parish and by that time he is a assistant general Secretary in our Diocese up to now.

In middle of August we had a general meeting and election in our Diocese, so now we have a new Bishop who was a assistant Bishop in Bishop Laiser time. His name is Solomon Massangwa, and the meeting elected our Pastor to be assistant Bishop. In short we have a big changers of leaders after Bishop Laiser dead.

In our Parish no changers of workers, all we are here and doing well. Our church renovation also is going well I hope when I will go to check my family, (be cause now I’m here KCMC hospital for CPE course from July to October 31), I will take picture and send to you.

How about our brothers and Sisters in Faith? I hop to here from you.

Please greeting all who known me.


In Jesus Lord

Godson Materu



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