What a terrific few days we have had!!!

My deepest prayer is that God show’s up and works in each and every one of us, try and that has been happening the whole time. God is doing amazing things in each one of the youth and the adults.

Yesterday we got to the worksites and each team had different tasks to get accomplished. One team had to go help a husband and wife named Ray and Kay. They have amazing stories of faith, and their stories truly blessed each one of the youth who were present. At Ray and Kay’s house they had to take down moldy boards and put up installation. The team was able to accomplish all of that in the first couple of days.

The other group got to go over to Charlie “Santa Claus” and Eva’s house. They have been married for 46 years, and their story had a great impact on all the youth and adults as well. Their house had been flooded before and so they had raised their house off the ground. Even though they raised the house, the flood still came really high to impact their house again. In their house all the installation and skirting had to be replaced.

Each and every youth worked like crazy at both sites, and have accomplished a ton for these families. I am so proud of all of their work and dedication to serving our awesome God, and serving others who need help. The next few days we will be at Charlie’s house finishing up things. Continue to pray!! God is working and it is awesome to see!!!!!


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