Dear Pastor Mark, sildenafil It’s long time since we communicate but here Tanzania we are fine.

How is America? How is the church doing? How your family? How about Lent and Easter was?

I’m very eager to see you again but I don’t know when will I success, but daily I pray about that and already I started to serve at least amount of money as my preparation.

Since Pastor Mushi was retired, we have many changes, for short time we have been four Pastors; two Pastors as in charge and two Pastors as assistant.

But all I told them about our friend ship. (Engarenarok and Faith has sister ship for long time.) So they are known.

Soon I will send to you the picture of Pastor Phelix Moiro who is our Parish Pastor now; and I think that it will be better if you will write to him and inform that you have information about those changes.

Here I attached the picture of Bethania Church which I service here with Evangelist Asifiwe Mbasha.

I plan to adoupt your church technology to open the website Parish and put every activities we plan to do. I hope that this will bring us closer.

To day let me stop here, I wait to here from you after send the picture of our Pastor.

Greeting all.

In the service. Godson Materu

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