We are in the process of creating a  Video Ministry at Faith Lutheran Church. We are hoping not only to be able to tape our services, but also creating video illustrations for sermons, videos for Life Groups, training videos and more!

Pastor Mark has attended the Transformation Film Institute (TFI) and will be attending it again with Jeff Ballard. Jeff and Pastor Mark will be leading on this ministry, but we will need additional persons to learn and participate in this exciting new ministry. If interested, please contact Pastor Mark and the church office (309)762-2824.

Below are a sampling of videos that Pastor Mark participated in creating at the TFI.

This is based on the Biblical story of the Road to Emmaus. They do not recognize that Jesus is with them until he breaks the bread with them.



Where was Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, after Jesus was 12 years old? In the Transformation Film Institute we are encouraged to create “redemptive” films. As in today’s life families experience an absentee father. What if Joseph were an absentee father until after the crucifixion? What might that look like?


Keep a lookout for more videos to come…

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