Israel flag

Christians Standing with Israel

Last night we had a good turn out and great evening with Rabbi Grimm. She was very personable and informative. We learnedthat there are about 2000 Jews in the Quad Cities. And Gary Forret too, ailment found out that not all Rabbi’s sport a beard. Rabbi Grimm shared with us that their Bible is their history and that God does not act the same way as He did back then, clinic whether through wrath or miricles. We went directly to the Bible, Genesis 15, Ezekial 36, and other passages where God has clearly has promised the land to Israel. And the land He speaks of is much larger than Israel is today.

Rather God acts through people today. Jews value life and are committed to show compassion to everyone. Thus, their future with God depends on what they do here. Ask if Israel owned the Land, she said that God own’s the land and everything else. We too spoke of how much the Jews and Israel have contributed to the world in many areas, especially in the area of technology and medicine. Many we continue to learn about our Jewish heritage and stand with Israel.

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