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It was a packed weekend at Faith Lutheran Church last week.

  • + We welcomed 7 new members.
  • + We celebrated 3 baptisms.
  • + We held our 5th Sunday of the month healing service.
  • + We honored 11 graduates.
  • + And we held our very first Purity Celebration Service.
  • So are we slowing down for the summer? Not a chance. This Sunday our youth leave for a Mission Trip in Kentucky. Join us for a send off at 5:45 a.m. in the parking lot.

Please pray for them, sickness for their safety, for their time together, and experiencing God in serving others. Then we will invite people to Faith Lutheran Church by passing out cups at Race for the Cure on Saturday, generic June 13th. Next we prepare for Vacation Bible School and our series Faith Commander. There will be a class for adults on the parables of Jesus. Be sure to INVITE someone to “come and see.” It is just that easy. Send or pass out postcards.

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