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Dear Pastor Mark,

We have many thanks to our LORD JESUS CHRIST for his blood which is join us and our brothers and Sisters in USA to be his people.

Thank you very much for your money you send for us, because now it’s in our account, and our church accountant told me that the amount received is  8,345,372/=

God bless you in this advent and Christmas coming when you celebrate love and peace from God be with you.

We wish you all the best and blessing from GOD.

We pray for you all.


Godson Materu.


Greetings in the Jesus Name,

Thank you for your email and information about you and your family…but in the safe God’s hand I hope you will be safe. I pray for you dear.

Pastor Mushi is doing well, after his retirement is dealing with seminar for couples in different Parishes and Diocese.

After Pastor Mushi retired we are facing many challenges here, the number of Christian are decreased, something make the church renovation going slowly and other things stopped.  For instance here Bethany Church the water pump is failed. But since then it still failed to replace new ones, so we are very grateful because we’ve had water problems for a long time.

Also for Engarenarok will be happy to get support that will enable completion of the alter finishing. (I attach a picture of altar and the borehole)

Please greeting all and give Turners my thanks for their blessing.

God bless you for all.

In service.




Updates Regarding Engarenarok Lutheran Parish

Engarenarok Church

As of May 2015

I’m very eager to see you again but I don’t know when will I

  • Pastor Mushi retired
  •  Four Pastors: two Pastors as in charge and two Pastors as assistant.
  • Engarenarok and Faith has sister ship for long time.
  • Evangelist Godson Materu  and Evangelist Asifiwe Mbasha serve Bethania Church.


Engarenarok Lutheran Parish, <a href=


We are not a church unless we reach out beyound our four walls. Below are some of the missions we are involved in, God blesses us to be a BLESSING! Check them out and if you would like to personally participate more fully in anyone of them please contact us.


Church.1ENGARENAROK LUTHERAN PARISH in Arusha, Tanzania.

We have been a companion congregation since 2000. Pastor Mark has led three groups over to Tanzania, in 2000, 2008, and 2012. We stay in contact with the Engarenarok Parish on a regular basis. There is a beautiful painting we received from them in 2012, it hangs in our entry way visualizing our partnership in the gospel.




September 13, 2014

Dear Pastor Mark,
Its long time since we communicate, but God is good because we are doing well. Sorry for long silence my brother.
I think  you will remember that Pastor Mathias Mushi he decided to retire his job early January 2014 after his service to our Parish for almost fifteen years. So we had new Pastor from February 2014 up to now, and his name is Gideon Kivuyo.
Be fore coming to our Parish he was a Pastor in charge at Arusha Town Lutheran Parish and by that time he is a assistant general Secretary in our Diocese up to now.

In middle of August we had a general meeting and election in our Diocese, so now we have a new Bishop who was a assistant Bishop in Bishop Laiser time. His name is Solomon Massangwa, and the meeting elected our Pastor to be assistant Bishop. In short we have a big changers of leaders after Bishop Laiser dead.

In our Parish no changers of workers, all we are here and doing well. Our church renovation also is going well I hope when I will go to check my family, (be cause now I’m here KCMC hospital for CPE course from July to October 31), I will take picture and send to you.
How about our brothers and Sisters in Faith? I hop to here from you.
Please greeting all who known me.
In Jesus Lord
Godson Materu