Faith Lutheran Church has a companion congregation in

Sanctuary Remodel

Sanctuary Remodel

Tanzania, thumb called the Engarenarok Lutheran Parish. We have been partners with them 15 years. Some of our benevolence dollars are sent to them every year. We have done three mission trips to visit them over the years. Our contact is Evangelist Godson Materu. Many have names that reflect their faith, cialis like Gladness, and Godbless. So here is the latest from them.

Greetings in the Jesus Name,

Pastor Mushi is doing well, after his retirement is dealing with seminar for couples in different Parishes and Diocese.

Congratulation for Jonathan wedding preparation, I know is hard work but God will be with you step by step to success it.

After Pastor Mushi retired we are facing many challenges here,

Broken Pump

Broken Pump

the number of Christian are decreased, something make the church renovation going slowly and other things stopped.  For instance here Bethany Church the water pump is failed. But since then it still failed to replace new ones, so we are very grateful because we’ve had water problems for a long time.


Also for Engarenarok will be happy to get support that will enable completion of the alter finishing. (I attach a picture of altar and the borehole)

Please greeting all and give Turners my thanks for their blessing.

God bless you for all.

In service.


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