Pastor Bill Sullivan

Pastor Bill Sullivan

A panel of those who served LCMC in the early days including Pastor Bill Sullivan, salve Sharon MacFayden, pharm Pastor Mark Vander Tuig, cialis shared with us the early days of LCMC. There are four strands association of LCMC is an association of congregations and individuals, free in Christ, accountable to one another, and rooted in the scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. Mission Statement to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

There is no reference to a specific country, or national connection like America  in the name of LCMC…thus, it is an international association of congregations and individuals in 18 countries connected to LCMC.

What are the greatest threats?

NOT to get caught into building of structures or an institutional creed, and as the trustees get together they spend more time on what we shouldn’t do in opposition to our DNA as an association. The Bible is our constitution, there we will fine our guidelines or rules.

When the church was most effective? Most would ultimately say, it was the first century. And the first century church had the least amount of structure, they were made up of home churches and no bishops…we need to un-think the last 1500 years as to HOW to do church.

God has a vision for us…God has a plan for our future…what we are now may not be the same in five years from now. God show us what you want for us? “May we not get busy doing church, but rather that we will be the church.” , Sharon MacFayden

The next 15 years…”I really hope that Jesus comes back. That we be a people of God that are on fire with the Holy Spirit.” Pastor VanderTuig. “Fire is our friend.” That LCMC may continue to find its voice.

“A future where we are willing to take up our cross and follow Jesus.” , Pastor Sullivan.  “We will have to count the cost.”  Jesus said, “I came to seek and save the lost.” That too is our mission.

Pastor Mark VanderTuig, “I am so grateful for the people and congregations of LCMC.” Sharon MacFayden commented that, “This association has changed me remarkably.” Pastor Sullivan said he is so grateful to have been able to walk through the darkest days of ministry with pastors and congregations. Over these years, “I have seen God at work.”

Pastor Sullivan’s first days at New Life Lutheran Church in Sterling, IL. in 20011, they had there first ground breaking. In August, the men of the church began preparing the site. They did most of the work themselves for a 1 1/2 years. Women pro

In April 2013, they moved into their new building, and now have grown from 100 members to over 600 people to date. It is amazing to have grown into an ORGANIC ORGANIZATION/CHURCH and to TRUST each other. To give people the permission to BE THE CHURCH. It is about God showing us His vision and doing what he has called us to be. Getting work done for Jesus!



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