A number of you have asked the question, pharm why do the pastors use a different Bible translation that is in the pew? Many theologians believe that the newer ESV is one of the closer translations to the Greek. However, cure the translation in the pews in NIV.

Thus, in light of us wanting to grow Biblical literacy in the church we explored the following options:

  • Do what we have been doing and change nothing
  • Buy new ESV bibles in the pew for a cost of $800-900
  • Or have the pastors use the NIV translation in the pew and give page numbers
  • Personally, I like using and comparing different translations, and I am not bothered by it when hearing a different translation.

However, we do not want to be an obstacle to people’s hearing of the Gospel.

  • So for now the pastors will go back to using the NIV since they are in the pew. The pastors may point out “word differences” — between the translations like a word study. Power point readings also are to be NIV
  • The pastors also will refer to page numbers, as well as text reference too as is printed in first service bulletins.

Thanks for voicing your concerns.

Read the Word!

Pastor Mark

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